Casa do Vapor | Steam House – “In Blue”


Casa do Vapor (Steam House) is a collaboration between the EXYZT collective, the Ensaios e Diálogos Association and the Cova do Vapor Residents Association – it’s an ephemeral cultural center and a new meeting point for local community and outside visitors.
It was created as a space to stimulate sharing, learning and the artistic creation and experimentation, in order to increase active participation and cultural valuation in the community at Cova do Vapor. From April to October 2013, Casa do Vapor opens its doors and hosts a wide cultural program. Besides artistic residencies and activities for the community, the Casa is open to everyone as a catalyst and incubator for new ideas and projects.

A week before the deconstruction of the Casa do Vapor (Steam House), the photographers from Imagerie went to Cova do Vapor village to document the whole atmosphere of the House and its surroundings (view series), on 135 film. From that work, resulted a photographic series that tells the story of the ambience of the Casa do Vapor project, and also the poetry of its village. Later on, 12 photographs were selected to be printed on postcards using the cyanotype technique. The goal was to create a series of objects that besides its artistic functionality, could be used and shared, not only to revive old photographic techniques, but also to help keep the beautiful tradition of handwriting a letter to a loved one, thus preserving relationships and memories. The choice of cyanotype was not innocent – everything in this project and this location whispers the color blue – from the house itself, to the sea and the sky surrounding it.

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12 postal-cyanotypes

The postcards of the IN BLUE project are handmade through a photographic process from the 19th century, called cyanotype, which produces monochromatic images in a blue hue. Each postal-cyanotype is unique and unrepeatable.

black and white photographs, 135 format film; 10×15 cm postcards; watercolor paper 300 gsm, cyanotype prints

price: entire collection (12 postcards) – 20 euros | series of 6 postcards – 10 euros | single postcard – 2 euros (part of the revenue goes to CASA DO VAPOR project)

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