We present the TOSCA, a handmade pinhole camera, made out of ordinary materials, customizable, reusable, unpredictable, organic, human…
The TOSCA is completely handmade.
Most of the materials are recycled, recyclable or reused.
TOSCA (portuguese): adjective; means awkward or clumsy.
#toscapinhole #pinholetosca

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Pinhole photography is an alternative photographic technique in which the camera is stripped of any “unnecessary” accessories, returning to its absolute essence: the camera obscura. The camera obscura is a light tight compartment, with a tiny pinhole made in one of its sides. As light passes through the pinhole, it projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the camera obscura. To capture the projected image, a light sensitive material is needed. The TOSCA works with medium format film.